Tom Malinoski
More than thirty years ago, a student asked me, “What do you call the place between
Heaven and Earth?” I told her, “I call that place me!”

Always mindful of my answer, her question has accompanied me ever since.

In one of my favorite Rumi poems he speaks of a sacred place, a field that exists beyond our notions of rightdoing and wrongdoing. When we allow those things that divert our attention from our true selves to cease, we awaken in that radiant, bountiful field.

My work explores that sacred field; where all of our personal gifts of perception are free from limitation: a place where we can simply be.

May you always walk in balance and beauty.

Acrylic Paintings

Contact information:

Phone: 716-965-2766

12 Lodi Street
Forestville, NY 14062

10am-5 pm studio tour weekends.
By appointment the rest of the year.

Gallery Representation:

Portage Hill Gallery


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