Jeremy Daly-Griffen
The style of painting I use is simplified realism with a focus on color, contrast, and composition, rather than intimate detail. This style is not dissimilar to color field painting but with greater emphasis on capturing an expression or emotion of a moment. The color portrays a sense of movement and gesture by using colors in the same family, along with high contrast which helps to create some visual "pop". The placement of the image on the canvas helps to create a central focus and guide the viewer into a more intimate connection with the subject matter and colors of the art work.

My latest series focuses on the human form and specifically the pregnant woman’s body and its glowing radiance that you may never be able to be captured in a photograph. When I see the nude human form, I see a series of shadows that appear
light and dark. The curves of a pregnant woman’s body cast shadows that seem to be even more pronounced or exaggerated. It is my intent with this series to capture the curves, shapes, lines and essence of a nude pregnant woman through the emphasis of light and shadow. For each painting, I have chosen a single color oil paint in four shades to provide a smooth, rich texture scheme that illustrates and intensifies the curves, shapes, lines and essence of the pregnant woman.


Contact information:

Phone: 716-988- 3524

749 Route 83
South Dayton, New York 14138

Gallery Representation:
Wishberry , Fredonia NY

10am-5 pm studio tour weekends.
By appointment the rest of the year.

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