Beth Runkel

For years, through watercolor, drawing and oil painting, I have pursued a goal of illuminating the forms and energies of nature. After teaching high school art for 22 years,I'm happy to be able to immerse myself in this work. My wish is to examine and depict not only the appearance of an object or place, but also what I intuit to be its inherent energy or essence. Whether working directly on a study or from imagination, my intent is to reveal the connection between all things, in reference to

the continuity of life (birth through decay, then regeneration) and the cycles of nature and time.

Everything natural has an inner life, and this life expands beyond the edges of form. My goal is to illustrate this inner life.


Painting, Drawing and Mixed Medium

Contact information:
Phone: 716.672.7522

147 Temple Street, Fredonia, NY 14063

Beth 6

Hours: 10am-5 pm studio tour weekends.
By appointment the rest of the year.

Gallery Representation:
Runkel Picture Framing and Gallery
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