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Cynthia Norton

As an artist I'm inspired by the order and chaos of natural processes. When I create clothing, I aim to create something of the organic cohesiveness that occurs in nature. My seamstress does the sewing and I do the designing, dying and painting. Fabrics provide the initial inspiration and include silk, linen, wool, rayon and bamboo, with a variety of weaves, textures, weights and finishes. Usually I start with white fabric that I then dye and/or paint, often making it softer, denser or more textured and making the clothing washable.
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Through much experimentation, I've developed my own painting techniques using flinging, splattering, dripping, rubbing, stamping and brushing. The patterns, shapes and colors are chosen to be coherent within themselves and to relate to the human form.
Not participating in August tour dates.

Wearable fiber

Contact information:
Phone: 917-710-1641
Cell: 917-710-1641
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14 Whittier Ave. Chautauqua Institution, NY 14722

Hours: 10am-5 pm studio tour weekends.
By appointment the rest of the year.

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