Marcia Merrins
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Kniti Griti Works is a collection of art and functional pottery that reflect my imagination. Playing in the mud (grit) provides relaxation and amusement. It's like being in kindergarten again. Sculptured animals become whimsical friends. A raku face becomes a personality. A platter becomes a canvas. Bowls sporting quirky footwear become beloved people.

For me, raku firing is one of the most exciting processes in ceramics. After I place the clay faces (or tiles, or small sculptures) into my small kiln, I anticipate the final moments when the glazes are glossy. I remove the pieces, feeling the heat and hearing the pings of the rapid cooling. I toss them into the dried leaves covered with smoke and flame.
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After waiting a few minutes, I await the surprises as I clean off the ravages of fire and smile.


Handbuilt stoneware clay

Contact information:
Phone: 716-672-4275
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42 Rosalyn Court
Fredonia NY 14063
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Hours: 10am-5 pm studio tour weekends.
By appointment the rest of the year.

Gallery Representation:
Surroundings Art Gallery
Grape Discovery Center